happy 5th anniversary, my beloved 'young' hypertension

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One of the things i enjoy most of life is telling people that i am sick.
The loads of trouble you get in when you know.
And it only took one second to make that decision.

You see, life has a way of specially caressing you into its surreptitious arms and when you feel comfortable, it crushed you and you turn into nothing but dust.
Love, life, death.
Three simple steps to the next life.

I heard a quote saying
"Where we are, where we live, what we do.
It isn't home yet.
We are on a bus going home."

So why are we so afraid to live life and die?

I am not okay,
yes i do skip classes this semester.
Should i show it off to you how much pressure inside me,
to make you realize the pain that i am surviving ?

Another quote i heard was something like,
"Death, it's peaceful easy,
much easier then living."

Don't you feel better already?
I don't know about all of you, but i'm sure as hell i'm ready to go home.

My close friend in SMSU C showed text message from his friend last couple of nights,
someone's dad had passed away because of High Blood Pressure.
Yes, just the same one as i had, with the right spelling,
all the time.

I understand, how bad this kind of hypertension in my head,
spinning like hell.
and I am not going to ease them with drugs,
as what i did for the past five years,
so deal with it. !

Don't get me wrong, i love my "temporary" life.
I am very happy.
But there is a "home sweet home"

Yes, "home sweet home"
insya Allah.

No one knows, my hard times with you,
its precious to spent my life with you,
happy anniversary, since 17th of July 2006 i heard of you,
at emergency ward, Kuala Kangsar District Hospital,
and i hope you'll ease yourself inside me.

insya Allah.


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