Champions Again!

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Sir Alex: Now we'll go for 19

Sir Alex Ferguson was naturally delighted after claiming the 11th title of his remarkable tenure at Old Trafford - and the club's 18th overall. Here's the transcript of his first interview following the final whistle against Arsenal...

How nervy was that?
It was the longest 90 minutes in history! But we got there. There was only one save made, by Edwin van der Sar with five minutes left. That tells you it was a cautious match.

Does the fact this title draws you level with Liverpool make it more special?
It will make it more special if we get in front of them. We want to progress with this team which they’re capable of doing. Next year we’re going to go for it again.

When you arrived here, you were 11 titles behind. Can you believe you're level?
They were the greatest side in the land at the time. We built slowly but I never thought we could get eleven titles. Never in a million years. My main aim was to win one. Win the first one and see where it took us and of course we progressed so quickly after that.

Just how good is this current side of yours?
It's a great side, really great, and a great squad. I could have picked two teams today. I had to leave good players out like Scholes, Berbatov and Anderson. It’s not easy.

When Carlos Tevez came off, it looked like an emotional farewell. It looked like he was almost crying in the dug-out. Might that be a good sign for you?
It is a good sign, it’s what we all want to hear. The boy knows we want him to stay. I thought he tired late on but he was playing on his own up front and it’s not easy. We needed a bit of freshness there.

When you look back, was there a defining moment of the season for you?
I think against Stoke, at Stoke. Winning that game late on after coming back from Japan was a big challenge to us, a big test and we came through it. That was a great result for us.

How strong was Liverpool’s challenge?
Very good. Their players have done well. They won 4-1 here which was a travesty of a result because I didn’t think it was a 4-1 result. Nonetheless they got great impetus from that. I know it’s hard to defend a 4-1 defeat but I actually thought we played quite well. But we lost four goals to long kicks, long passes and we didn’t recover, we lost the next game. That gave Liverpool the scent and credit to them as they battled away.

You’ve got a day off tomorrow, so will you go on a spying mission to Spain?
No, we’ve got the Player of the Year do tomorrow at Old Trafford so I can’t go. I would love to have gone but my brother will be there (watching Barcelona).

When it’s like this, how can you even contemplate contemplating retirement?
I’m not contemplating, definitely not contemplating. I’ll carry on and I’m going to stay as a manager. My health will tell me when to quit. Let’s pray my health’s this good in five years.

Sir Alex was speaking to Sky Sports.

"It feels brilliant," Ryan told MUTV. "We've been talking about doing it in front of our own fans, and that's what makes it so special. Not relying on someone else losing or doing it away from Old Trafford, it was brilliant to do it today.

"It was agony for the second half, if I'm honest, and it probably was for the fans as well. The one team you don't want to play against is Arsenal, because they keep the ball so much and they're a top side, and they came to spoil the party. We defended brilliantly as we have done all season and managed to get there."

"It's a fantastic achievement. It's not easy to win three times. The lads worked for that and it's a special, special moment. We have to enjoy the moment."

- Cristiano Ronaldo -

Champions Again!

"There's definitely an added satisfaction to this title win because we've equalled Liverpool's record. The fact that we've beaten to do it means it's a really sweet feeling. Overtaking that record is definitely the next aim now."

- Rio Ferdinand -


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